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I like debate. I like opposing views and the idea that we can better ourselves by debating two points of view. I am jealous of seeing two old men sitting on a park bench arguing their sides, leaving as friends and meeting there at the same bench the next day to do again. A little passion, some laughter a bit of intelligence thrown in to make for an interesting sharing of opinions and ideas.

I believe this is how great ideas were created in the early days of our country. Back in a time when we knew the value of a good argument. But argument without rancor and anger. Sure men died for taking a stand, but in a general way we also used debate to learn and grow. Even in our public institution of the House and Senate politicians not so long ago would argue then have dinner together. Or they might have dinner and then argue over dinner. Political enemies could be personal friends. Those days are gone.

I try to engage in friendly political debate without upsetting people, but sometimes it’s just not possible. I think that’s okay, because it gets the heart pumping and the adrenalin  going. And that happens when people fight for what they care about. My concern today is not enough people care about the truth, or at least getting to the truth.

I hope in someway to help people look for that truth, regardless of where they stand or what they believe in, find the truth and then fight for what you believe in.

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