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Why your vote is for sale

November 25, 2011

Is my vote for sale? Is yours? It has been abundantly clear to me for years that our political system is becoming increasing market driven, or marketing driven. It’s like Mad Men but with real consequences. The recent interview with Grover Norquist was beautiful, as he so eloquently summarized the genesis of his life’s ambition to fight tax increases when he came up with this idea as 12 year-old riding a bike. So let me get this straight – the driving mantra from the republican party (NO new taxes) is a marketing position based on a kid’s marketing idea?

This is not a shock to me. Politics has become increasingly more geared to ‘messaging’ than leadership. But to hear Mr. Norquist get on national television and be so transparent about what he is all about, and the notion that ‘no new taxes’ is a marketing position for the Republican party without any hint of embarrassment or need for hiding his motivation is what has driven me to creating this blog.

Can we the voter be so easily sold? Apparently yes. When Mr. Norquist can get on T.V. and blatantly say his tax stance is a marketing message, a ‘party identity’, that’s bold. But the fact that he has no intent to hide this goes to show that he knows something the public doesn’t know; and that is that he can drive behavior in ways that the public can’t stop. He owns us (or at least some of us). He owns the ability to make us think and behave in robotic fashion.

But make no mistake, this robotic behavior is deeply emotional. Just get your Democrat and a Republican friends into an argument and time how long it takes for emotions to boil over.  That’s actually a little weird, because politicians should be helping all of us. And not only is this not the case, but it’s getting increasingly worse for all of us citizens to the point where every day I want to shout “I’m mad as hell…”

So today I start my blog, because everyday I hear or read something new that just blows my mind. And I’m going to start sharing my thoughts with the hopes that it makes me feel better. And maybe somewhere something I say will influence someone to question what they hear or see. If that happens then my time spent is worth it. Plus if it makes me feel better than maybe I’ll live longer, because I think I’ll need to live longer to see the mess we’re in fixed :).

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